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So, you’ve gotten the call. That job you’ve been looking for has requested you to come in for an interview. A professional has taken a look at your résumé and believes that you are potentially fit for the position. This is very exciting stuff! This can also be a pretty stressful time in the job search process, especially if you aren’t comfortable with interviews. But if you are prepared before you go in, not only will be able to communicate effectively, but this will also help you calm your nerves.

The team here at Carter Recruiting and Associates works with several companies across the state of Arkansas, and we know what they are looking for when they interview a candidate.

We have compiled a list of 10 incredibly helpful tips to help you land the job that you have been searching for.

#1 – Practice Good Nonverbal Communication

Applicants always focus on what they’re going to say, but oftentimes your body language is more telling than what comes out of your mouth. Before your interview, sit in front of a mirror and practice good eye contact, sit up straight, focus on looking attentive and confident. Also, make sure you have a firm handshake. Not only will these tactics help you exude confidence, but it will also impress the interviewer.

#2 – Dress Properly

This may seem like an obvious one, but you may be surprised at how many people ignore their attire. Make sure you are well groomed, and you’re wearing professional clothing before you walk in for your interview.

#3 – Listen

The interviewer will give you a lot of information about the position that you have applied for. Make sure you are listening to every word, and even ask questions based on the information given. This will let them know that you are very interested in the job and that you are ready to learn.

#4 – Work On Your Answers

As you may know, you will be asked several questions so that the job can get a grasp on how you would handle certain work situations, and so you will share examples of your previous behavior. A simple Google search will help you find a bunch of common interview questions that may be asked.

#5 – Do Your Research On The Company

Check out their social media channels, their website, and analyze their strengths and research the role you’re applying for. The interview will be very impressed with your knowledge because not only will it make you seem qualified, but it will also demonstrate your genuine interest.

#6 – Avoid Being Cocky

There is a big difference between confidence and cockiness. No one likes arrogance, especially a company that is trying to find qualified candidates.  

#7 – Don’t Seem Desperate

The “please hire me” tactic doesn’t work. Trust us. This does not make you appear confident, which is one of the key traits that an interviewer looks for.

#8 – Arrive Early

No one appreciates tardiness, especially the person interviewing you. Arriving early not only makes you appear more responsible and prepared, but it will also put your mind at ease before your interview. If you’re in a hurry beforehand, that’s only going to make you more nervous and rattled.

#9 – Make Conversation With Staff Members

This is not something that people normally take advantage of, but we recommend it for a couple of reasons. For one, it will help your mind stay occupied before you walk in for your interview, and you’ll remain relaxed. Two, bosses want to see how a potential new employee will treat other members of the staff. If you’re polite and friendly with the receptionist, for example, that will impress your interviewer.

#10 – Illustrate How Hiring You Will Help The Company

It’s important to qualify yourself and speak on your professional background, but interviewers will also appreciate how hiring you would help them. Think of yourself as a salesman in that moment. If you can elaborate on how your talents could benefit the company as a whole, you’re that much closer to landing the gig.

BONUS – Follow Up With The Company and Thank Them

Businesses love politeness and determination. A simple email or phone call a day after your interview will keep the business thinking about you, and it will be a nice gesture as well.

Do you have any other interview tips that you recommend? Let us know about them on our social media channels! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and let us know your thoughts.

Carter Recruiting and Associates is one of the largest independent recruiting and outplacement companies in Arkansas. Our headquarters, located in Little Rock and our satellite office in Conway, both service accounts nationwide. We have satisfied clients and references from some of the largest companies in the state. With over 50 collective years of experience in the recruiting business, we have a vast amount of resources and knowledge to ensure a job well done.

Cherie Richardson

Cherie Richardson

Cherie is the owner and president of Carter Recruiting and Associates. She holds a BA in psychology from the University of Mississippi and has over 30 years of experience in the recruitment of executive and manufacturing professionals. Cherie’s work has been instrumental for new plant start-ups, as well as building and maintaining relationships throughout the region and state of Arkansas. She is a member of the National Association of Female Executives and the National Association of Women Business Owners.