areas of job expertise

We provide recruiting placement services in several different workforces. Whether you're looking to hire an employee, or find a job, we can help in multiple areas, such as: executive and mid-level management, manufacturing, engineering, distribution, human resources, accounting, sales, information technology, administrative, and medical. 

OUtplacement services

Losing a job is statistically the third most devastating and stressful occurrence in a person's life, behind death and divorce. Unfortunately, in the business market, downsizing the workforce is a painful necessity at times. 

Carter Recruiting and Associates understands the hardships that come with losing your career, and it's one of the many areas where we try to help here in Arkansas. 

Our professionals will work with your transitioning employees and coach them on everything from resume and cover letter writing, to job searching and interviewing techniques.  We also offer discussion on topics such as career guidance, career evaluation, developing networks, job search skills and targeting the job market.

Additionally, all employees will have access to our office equipment. 

Providing outplacement services to your employees shows that you care about their future as well as the past you have shared. Our experienced staff understands your needs and we want to customize a solution to fit you. Contact us for more information.

special requests

We're not afraid to go outside the boundaries of our typical areas of expertise. Do you have a need outside of the services that you see here? Part of the reason we've stayed in business for nearly 20 years is because we are a creative group of individuals, and we are up for a challenge. If you have a request for a job service, please feel free to email We'd be more than happy to take a look at your problem and find a solution.