Our company has a long relationship with Carter Recruiting and Associates. They have been instrumental in providing us with quality individuals who have been screened specifically to meet our long term employment needs.

What sets Carter Recruiting and Associates apart from other agencies is that they take the time to get to know their client on a personal level and understand the type of applicant that would be a good fit

I have found Carter Recruiting and Associates to be one of the most responsive, creative and professional recruitment firms I’ve used. My relationship spans over 15 years and although my company is based in Northwest Arkansas, Carter Recruiting has been very successful in meeting the recruitment needs for our multi-state corporation.

Carter Recruiting has been a valuable resource for key searches. They know how to listen to my needs before providing candidates and they only send candidates that match my desired profile. They provide fantastic follow-up and high-caliber service.

I’ve had the fortune to work with Carter Recruiting and Associates as both a client and a professional in the job market. The service received from both sides of the situation are concise, honest and complete. Carter Recruiting does a wonderful job of connecting the correct employee with the correct company. I highly recommend Carter Recruiting to companies or employees looking to make the right connection.